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The Courage of the Acadian People

Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada is the most important historic site for the Acadian people. It is a pilgrimage site for Acadians and just try! the world centre for the commemoration of the Deportation. The historic site highlights the period between the Acadian settlement of 1682 and the spain female viagra deportations that began in 1755. It highlights the most painful and the most heroic hours of the Acadians, and stands as an example and a reminder for generations to come of a courageous people.

The three main themes at Grand-Pré are Life in Acadie Before the Deportations, the Expulsion of the Acadians, and the Profound Attachment of Acadians for Grand-Pré.


The Courage to Conquer the World's Highest Tides

Life in Acadie Before the Deportations

The Harvest - Painting by Claude Picard


Memorial Church - Photo François Gaudet

The Memorial Church

Panorama - Photo V. Tétrault


Archaeological Digs

Archaeological Digs

Old French Willows

Old French Willows

The Orchard - Photo V. Tétrault

The Orchard

The Well

The Well

Acadian Kitchen Garden - Photo Chris Reardon

The Acadian Kitchen Garden

The Old Blacksmith shop - Photo Chris Reardon

The Old Blacksmith Shop

Formal Gardens

The Formal Gardens

Flower Beds and Manicured Lawns

Flowerbeds and Manicured Lawns

Aboiteau - Photo V. Tétrault

The Aboiteau

Duck Pond

The Duck Pond


Feel the heartbeat of Old Acadie - still vibrant and proud!


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